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design and development of Websites

The design and development of websites associated with any activity involve an approach whose stages it is advisable to define in order to establish expectations regarding objectives to be met, deadlines for completion, and budget.

Whether we decide to create our own website ourselves, or if we decide to entrust this work to third parties, the result will largely depend on a good organization in a summarized way to achieve a satisfactory result.


Data collection

In the first stage, it is important to collect information from the interested parties about the objectives, the target audience, and the type of content that the pages that are part of the website will host according to the theme, as well as the necessary functionalities that they should perform. For the users.

Each part of this stage directly influences the following phases of the process, so we discuss them dedicating a sub-section to consider them separately.


Definition of objectives associated with the activity

The best web design company in Bangalore must serve the interests of the brand, business, or company, and may be subject to the definition of an online marketing plan also associated with these interests.

It is one whose objective is to provide information about the requirements to carry out certain procedures than another to make purchases or downloads, although both concepts may also be part of the same project.


Definition of the target audience

So defining the target audience within a sector or field of action, even if only with characteristics such as age, location, or specific tastes and needs, can be decisive in projecting different sections that serve as a claim to the user.


Content selection

Contrary to what is often thought, the contents of a website and its characteristics should be specified in this first stage, before making any sketch or representation of the pages for viewing, since these will determine other important aspects to consider in the subsequent layout of each one of them.

From writing texts for online content to photographs or multimedia materials such as videos and interactives should be more or less defined before designing or looking for schemes or templates. It will not be the same, for example, a page that shows one gallery to another that offers a list of files to download or similar products within the same category, each demand, in particular, will entail some requirements to solve it.



In website design and E-commerce website development in Bangalore project, it is necessary to divide approaches into more defined phases or limited in time, to be completed by parts that can The definition of the site map gives clues about the technologies that will be necessary to use, and later the mock-ups of the pages highlight the layout and location of the content and other functionalities.


Site Map

In the planning phase, it is important to create the structure for the layout of pages on the website in order to promote intuitive navigation, considering the different subject areas that it could cover.

The correct organization of the contents with a good information architecture will benefit the rapid assimilation of the user when interacting with the different sections. Choosing the appropriate name in the titles and menus is also relevant to favor positioning from the SEO company in Bangalore’s point of view, among many other things.



In this stage, it is defined which platform or system, web technologies, and programming languages ​​or content managers will be more suitable for the creation of the Website. This choice in turn implies understanding the action protocol to carry out updating and maintenance tasks for the future, also specifying who or who will be in charge of them.


Adaptability and supported resolutions

The variety of existing devices and the different resolutions in which a website can be viewed is another important point that must be considered, to define how the pages will be displayed in the majority of possible alternatives with responsive characteristics.

It may not be a good idea for certain content to also be shown on mobile devices to avoid damaging the visualization of the whole, since due to their smaller screen size and resolution, they can force the user to scroll excessively to reach relevant information, otherwise, it can be omitted.


Sketches and wireframes

Each page that makes up the site is capable of presenting a more common or different and peculiar design depending on the type of information it shows and how it is done, always in the interest of achieving a good and intuitive user experience.

Wireframes are sketches or sketches made with some Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore or not, which show mock-ups of the pages with the arrangement of the elements that are part of them in a conceptual way, such as the situation of the texts, placement of the boxes of images or videos, etc … allowing study and meditation to improve the overall result.


Content layout

The attractive and relevant content is the most important after all, what pages will show what materials? And in what way and where will these materials be shown in them? Let’s indicate it on the model! to facilitate understanding.

A variety of issues may arise that are discussed by placing the contents in the more or less defined models of the previous step and that in turn require making changes related to other stages, always to find the balance by applying logic.


Aesthetic, corporate, and functional design

At this stage, we proceed to work on a  modern and functional web design of the site pages using the techniques and applications necessary to do so or a combination of them, such as IDES, frameworks, platforms, and templates considering the requirements of the previous stages.


Development and implementation of web technologies

The concept of web development is associated with the elements that require it to incorporate the functionalities they need, to respond especially to user or visitor interactions through the browser or server technologies.

Nowadays, websites can include many functionalities that allow, for example, to send a form, subscribe to a newsletter or download files, insert programmatic advertising, search for content on the site or make payments. The use of the appropriate programming languages ​​or the selection of the modules or plugins necessary for their implementation should be a systematic and carefully carried out work of verification, based in most cases on trial and error tests.


Testing and website launch

The entire website, including each of the pages that make it up and its functionalities, are tested by navigating between its different sections and menus in different browsers and It is verified that the pages and contents comply with current web standards, as well as basic accessibility rules to facilitate the consultation of the pages of the site also by people with a disability. Once the hosting service provider or particular server has been chosen, the files that make up the website are uploaded to the corresponding directories to start receiving requests from users through a domain name associated with the different URLs, whether the web design and development in Bangalore work is carried out locally or directly online, it is verified that search engines can easily access the information on the pages for indexing.


Maintenance and updates

The website focused on the achievement of objectives associated with the activity of a company or business must be prepared to facilitate its maintenance and carry out future updates.

In addition, almost any online strategy is associated in most cases to attract new and recurring visitors to the publications of the company or brand website. So it is important to take into account from the beginning how to carry out these processes in order to incorporate other new content or renew and update existing ones.



In web design, planning allows you to anticipate problems to offer concrete solutions and respond to the needs of the website, optimizing expenses, resources, and time periods. The time calculated in relation to the budget and the available resources are determining factors to achieve a good design.

At mars web solution we make websites for a variety of business models and types, with personalized designs and a wide range of prices.

Stages for the design and development of Websites